Comparison between propane and geothermal energy

Geothermal and propane heat are alternative methods for obtaining heat to natural gas. There are a lot of similarities between the two heating methods; still you have to understand the complexity of each of them to make a choice.


You can use propane to serve a whole property.

Propane is a common fuel that can also be used for generators, dryers, water heaters and for the home heating system. The heat produced with the use of propane can be with 25 degrees warmer than the one produced by a heat pump.


Geothermal energy is best for the environment. This resource is not consumable; it is renewable, unlike propane. The geothermal energy is basically the Earth’s natural energy. With the use of pipes buried underground the house benefits from the use of this type of energy. This way no harmful gases are emitted in the air as a result of fuel burning.

Installing a geothermal heating system may cost you up to 8000$. The propane system’s cost varies depending on the season. Thus during winter the demand for propane systems increases and so does the price.

Geothermal energy is suited for both heating and cooling the property. In times of summer the hot air is pulled from the house and brought to the ground. Still the heat coming from propane burning is a lot more consistent than the heat produced by geothermal systems. Eventually you might need an additional heating system.

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