Learn to determine leaking cause

Water leaks can be a small problem if you never face it, but you will discover quickly that in time, it can transform to a big one. If you want to avoid serious damages, you need to find and seal immediately the places where leaks occur.

Leaks occur very often to the central air conditioner of a house which is connected with the furnace of the house.

This system includes a compressor which is situated outside and an evaporator placed inside. They are joined together by copper lines. The blower of the furnace is blowing cold air in the summer and hot air in the winter due to the evaporator placed on top of the furnace. These systems don’t contain any water but the air conditioner creates condensation and problems with water can occur. If you notice any liquid leaking you may have problems with the air conditioner or with the compressor if the liquid is containing oil and you will need professional advice for the second issue.

First, you have to know that condensation is formed in two places. One of these places is the supply line which is placed to the bottom of the compressor and the other is within the evaporator. The warm air joins the cold supply pipes in the both cases. The pipes can create from 5 to 20 gallons of condensate daily inside. You will seem to have a problem if water is trickling to the ground from the outdoor compressor, but in fact, if this thing happens, you know that your system is working well. So, you may have problems if condensation stops.

You should know that most air conditioners systems have a second drain which has its endings to a window or a door. In this way, the owner of the house is warned if the water is drained to the secondary drain. The most common problem is clogging because of mold and fungus. You can simply remove them using a pipe snake for twice a month. Leaks can be also occurred by damaged or crushed PVC pipes. Remember that you can fix the problems for your own if you face normal leaks but if you have problems with your refrigerant of the evaporator you will need professional help.

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