Learn to fix a ceramic tower heater

A ceramic tower heater uses ceramic to make heat. Its shape allows it to fit in the corner of a room. When you see that the heat efficiency drops or when the device doesn’t turn on, it means something needs to be repaired.

The first steps are to clean the heater in the outside and inside, removing any obstructions, and also cleaning the air filter.

Don’t start cleaning the tower heater until it has cooled off. For this, you need to unplug it and leave it time to cool down. The device may be affected by the dirt and small particles that get accumulated in the air filter. To properly clean the filter, first remove it from the heater. Clean it with a special solution and then place back the filter and the back grill cover.

Another cause for the heater to malfunction may be the AC outlet that you are using for power. Check to see if it works, or if you have a blown circuit somewhere. Check the circuit breaker.

Check for obstructions around the tower heater. They may also affect the device’s functioning. Again unplug  the device before cleaning it, remove all the obstructions, and plug back the heater.

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