Repair air conditioning

1. Check the thermostat first.  Set it to “cool” and turn the temperature below the temperature that is in the house at the moment.

After that see if the air is blowing and it is cool.

2. Check the register to see if there is any air blowing. You will know it is a bad motor problem is the outdoor condensing unit is functioning but there is no air blowing. There are also other causes for a lack of air flow. These are: a dirty or clogged air filters, broken fan belt, bad motor capacitor, or a frozen evaporator coil.

3. Go and check at the outdoor condensing unit to see if you have airflow inside yet no coldness to the air. This could mean that the outdoor unit is not working. Look at the fan to determine if the unit works or not. Inspect the circuit breakers for this problem.

4. Remove the cover on the control panel of the outside unit. Check the contactor in the outdoor unit for a 220 volt power with a volt meter. It would be a good idea to hire a professional for this job to avoid any problems. Verify the electrical contactor, capacitor, 24-volt wiring, compressor and the 220-volt wiring.

5. Check the refrigerant charge using a gauge set and a refrigerant cooling chart.

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