Is propane suitable for central heat and air systems?

If the heating system is designed in a way to use this gas then you can benefit from a central heating system that uses propane instead of other fuels. It is a very reliable source of heat during cold winters.

One of the most common types of propane heaters is the central furnace.

Propane is used to fuel a burner that heats the plenum with a burning flame generating heat that is afterwards transferred around the house through a duct system. You can benefit from the small space occupied with the installation of a propane furnace if you have a new construction. You can store it in a utility closet or attic.

Advantages of propane

The main advantages for a propane central heating system are the flexibility of placement and the easy ventilation options. Still, there are also other advantages such as the low cost to produce heat, which is actually said to be half of the cost of electric heating systems. Also the temperature provided by burning propane is slightly bigger than the one provided by electricity.

Another advantage is that the heat pumps run in shorter cycles due to the higher efficiency and because of this the system doesn’t wear out so quickly. It is said that a propane heating systems last between 15 to 20 years.

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