Installation steps for radiant floor heating

High-voltage cables or low-voltage mats can provide radiant floor heating system. The cables are embedded into the layer of concrete if you choose the high-voltage radiant floor system. You will need a professional to install this system because it needs a lot of skills for the electrical part.

The easiest way, is to install low-voltage mats. They can be installed under the floor or above it. For a better protection, a layer of mortar must be applied if you choose to install an above style. Follow the instructions below to install the system but remember that it is very important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions too.

First, you will need to check if your electrical system will handle with the radiant floor heating system. An electrician will add a circuit if your system need it. You will need 12 watts for every square foot of system installed. Also, you will need to check if the system which you will install is working with the type of floor that you have. Building insulation and climate are other important factors which can determine the system which will be installed.

Now, you will start by attaching the wires which run the length of the mat to the ends. You will need to remove the insulation from the ends of the wires and make sure that the ends are placed near the wires which bring electricity to the mat. Now, you will need to measure the area where the mat will be installed and cut the piece of mat to fit this area. You will need an assistant which will unroll and hold the material until you fix it in place. The end which contains the two wires will not be fixed. Depending on the type of installation chosen, you will fix the mat in place above the floor or below it.

Now, you will need to attach the wires to the power. So, you will need to attach the black wire to a wire end exposed before and the white wire to the other. You will need to use a crimper and a tinned copper sleeve to do this job. The sleeve will be slipped over the wire and the crimper will compress it over the wires. Make sure that you cover the ends with electrical tape. Now, you will need to install the insulation over the mats if they are placed under the floor. You will need to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations about the distance between insulation and mats. You will need to apply a layer of concrete for the above floor insulation.

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