Central heating problem: strange smell

The central heating system keeps your home warm during winter. But sometimes along with the hot air the system may also blow some strange smells. This indicates a problem

When the heater blows air and you feel a strange smell in the room you know it’s from coming from the central heating system.

Normally what the smells feels like is something musty or earthy.

The main cause of this smell is mold. This can grow inside the furnace because of the humidity in there. The standing water located inside the drum-style humidifiers need to be regularly changed in order to prevent mold. The mold is blown together with the hot air creating that strange odor.

Locate the mold particles and clean the area. Prepare a solution with vinegar and water and use it to wipe the humidifier. Also use this solution to clean the humidifier pad as there may be mold growing on it. The mold won’t reappear if you clean the humidifier regularly.

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