Learn to frame new walls in your finished home

If you want to complete a new wall framing for your house, you will need to use the same methods used for erecting the wood frame structure. You will need to ask the municipality for restrictions and permits if you want to start this project. During the construction process, you will need to use some dangerous materials like asbestos or lead paint, so you will need to ask contractors to provide them and give you some advice about their uses.

First, you will start by marking the place where the new wall will be installed. You will need to connect the marks on the top and bottom plates to find the location where your new wall will meet the old one.

Then, you will need to nail the new wall frame to the existing framework, so you will need to remove flooring and the gypsum board. You will need to fix the new wall into the concrete slab, if the material below flooring is concrete. You will have to repeat the action for the location of the plates of the new wall which will be along the bottom edges of the joists.

Now, you will need to install the plates if you are working with a slab. So, you will use a pressure-treated 2 by 4 lumber. Concrete nails will be used to fix the bottom plate to the slab. They will be applied at every 3 feet. You will also need to see the location of the joists if you work on floor joists. If they are perpendicular, you don’t need to do anything more. You will need to nail the plate into the floor. Make sure that the nails are penetrating the joists into the place where they meet the plate. If they are parallel, you will need to remove the decking and cut blocking to fit the joist cavity under the wall plate. You will need to install flush perpendicular to them at every 3 feet. Then, you will have to reinstall the decking and nail the plate to the floor. The process will be repeated for the top plate.

You will need to install a corner stud if the ends of your new wall meet the existing wall at a cavity. You will need to use a level to make sure that the end studs are fixed into the corner stud. Then, you will have to install wall studs at every 16 inches using a level to test them. you will need to install blocking pieces between the studs. The process is complete now and you will only need to install back the gypsum board and the flooring.

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