Learn to soundproof an existing wall with another wall Part 2

Methods used for soundproofing a wall are very similar to methods for constructing a new wall but they are more efficient as the extra layers stop any unwanted sound. Sound transmission class is the scale that counts the wall’s soundproofing characteristics. STC value is often ranked to a 25 rating.

If you will grow your walls value to a STC 60, screams and other noises will be still heard but not eligible. Most houses don’t have insulation for the interior walls. Using only a layer of drywall for the studs, STC value will grow to 34. sound will still be present especially for old houses.

Insulation is an easy material to work with and you don’t need skills and strength. You will simply need to fit the insulation rolls into the furring and you will need to trim it at doors, plumbing and other obstacles. You will do that using a trimming knife and the job will be quickly done because the material has a small weight. First, you will need to make some measurements and determine the precise amount of material needed. You will need to measure the distance between the floor and ceiling and count the number of spaces that you will need to fill. Also, you will need to measure the gap between the studs to find out the prices width of material needed. Remember that standard rolls are manufactured in 8 feet length. Knowing that, you will be able to determine the precise amount to buy.

If you buy standard rolls of insulation, you won’t need to make any trim because they material will fit perfectly to the space between studs. You will need to trim the material around the electrical points. If the material will fit perfectly to the studs you will not need to fix it to the studs. After you installed the material, you can start to add the soundproofing boards to the studs. Make sure that you join the pieces together well and use tape and caulking for joints and gaps. After that, you can paint the wall.

As a very important tip, you need to know that soundproofing material need to stay into the original shape. Make sure that you never compress it. Also, it is very important to trim the material at the precise size that you need and never fold it over to make it fit.

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