Build stud wall instructions

Even if you’re not a professional, building a stud wall isn’t a hard project to complete. This project represent one of the most simple projects in building domain and it can be easily done using the right tools and material and also having a little bit of knowledge. In this article you will find some easy steps to complete this job.

First step is represented by the measurement of the wall that will be built. So, you will need to find out the correct amount of lumber needed and you will need to keep in mind the fact that lumbers will be placed 16 inches apart for every stud. Also, you will need to make sure that the lumber quality will be top class if you want to avoid any issues.  Into the next step, you will need to secure the length of the wall to the floor using 2x4s and applying glue. The base plate of the wall will consist of the length of the wood.  Then, you will have to drill pilot holes into the floor through the base plate at 16 inch apart. If you will have to drill the holes into concrete, you will need to use a masonry bit. You will use a sledgehammer to drive three inch nails into the holes.

Now, you will need to secure the wall using a 2×2 or 2×3. You will need to border the wall by placing a line of liquid nail on the wall. Then, you will attach it to the wood.  Make sure that you make it straight and use a level to do this and then you can drill a hole using the sledgehammer. Now, you can install the studs which will be 16 inches apart.

Now, if it’s the case, you will need to install electrical wires and water ducts. You will need to allow junction boxes and also, to channel the wires to the electrical outlets which will be installed.  If you’re thinking about insulation, it is the right time to add it to the project. Make sure that you will use enough material to fill the spaces between every stud. Now, you will need to add the sheetrock that will complete the wall. Make sure that you will mark and cut the places where electrical outlets will be placed.

Now, you have finished the wall, but you will need to care about finishing. So, you will need to paint it or decorate it as you want.

Make sure that you projects will be carefully done by measuring two times before you cut something. Also, it is very important to take your time if you want to complete it successfully.

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