The construction of a soundproof partition wall - part 2

This part of the article will present you the means to apply the insulation in between the wall studs and how to cover the cracks between the adjacent wall and the newly installed partition wall.

1. Seal the space between the adjacent wall and the newly installed partition wall with acoustic sealant and a caulk gun to prevent sounds from getting through the cracks.

For aesthetic means try to match the color of the sealant as much as you can with the color of the wall.

2. Also apply the acoustic sealant and the caulk gun above the top plate. Just apply enough sealant to apply the gaps and cracks, don’t over do it.

3. First think about where the drywall will be installed and then install the soundproof blanket insulation in between the 2×4 inch studs. Also don’t pack the insulation blankets too tight because the insulation is more efficient when it is loose. To attach the insulation firmly to the studs you should only use nails or staples, this of course if the insulation cannot stand by itself.

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