Make a pier foundation stronger

With a foundation already in place for a long time the house may be at risk to damage. No matter the rest of the house’s structure the foundation is what keeps the house in place in case of an earthquake or something like that you must know that your house has a strong foundation.

What happens when there is an earthquake for example is that the posts tend to move of piers and beams tend to move off posts and this causes instability.

This may also lead to the collapse of the building. This is why it is necessary to secure the foundation of your house by securing posts to piers and beams.

1. From the spot that needs to be strengthened remove the lattice and set the forms between the current piers. Put in fasten bolts inside the concrete set.

2. Now you have to pour the concrete in. After setting the cement anchor bolt a sill into place, then toe nail the cripple studs into the post under an existing support above. Having the house attached to concrete is what will keep it from jumping up from the piers.

3. Take a piece of half inch plywood and pin it over the sills and cripple beans. This will prevent the house from cutting off or racking if an earthquake occurs. Coat some paint to finalize the job.

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