Preparing a pier foundation for your house

If you want to start building a new house, you need to consider pier foundation as the best option for your project. This type of foundation suits well for any terrain and consists of a deck installed a few feet above the ground which will sustain some pillars or posts made of concrete. The structure of the house will be stronger if you assure a good level of the pillars and deck.

This type of foundation is used especially in hilly and coastal areas. So, you will find in this article some easy steps to proceed for your project.

The first step is represented by the choice of the place. You will need to choose the place where your foundation will be installed carefully. Also, you will need to choose the places where you will dig the foundation holes.

So, you will need to use post hole diggers to dig holes for every pier. The depth of the holes should be at least 18 inches but if you want to assure a good foundation for your house, it is recommended to choose 36 inches depth. Now, you will need to install the concrete blocks into the holes. Remember that square models are stronger than circular ones. Make sure that the concrete blocks are installed to 18 to 24 inches above the ground level if you want to create crawling space. If the length block is covered into the dug hole, you will probably need to stack the concrete blocks. Now, you will use a plumb line to assure the alignment of the piers.

Then, you will need to assure that the holes are filled up. O, you will use small stones and pebbles to fill them if you want to create a better stability for your foundation. In this way, you will prevent any further damages caused by an earthquake or any issues. Also, you will probably need to use dirt for filling the holes. To assure a good alignment on the top of the piers, you will use a string level. You will need to solve any problem and align them now, if it is something wrong.

The piers foundation will become firm if you will tamper the soil using a tamper or a leveler. The piers will be firmly fixed after this process. After that, you will continue the process of building with the next phases.

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