Instructions about cleaning and maintaining drywall tools

It is very important that you know how to clean and maintain your drywall tools if you want to have them for a longer period of time and if you want to save yourself some time and money. The dirt that gets on the tools is joist compound and it is often referred to as mud. Because drywall tools tend to be very expensive it would a waste of money to have to buy new ones just because you didn’t take good care of them.

You need to remember that because the joist compound hardens very fast on the tools you will need to clean them just after you finish working with them. Follow these steps:

1. Use the putty knife to scrape off the dried joist compound or if you don’t have one use the drywall tapping knife. After you finish this, take a large enough bucket and fill it with water.  Put the tools inside the bucket and leave them like that for 20 minutes. Actually leave them in water until the entire compound has been removed.

2. Remove the tools out of the bucket and throw away the dirty water. Pour in clean water and use the scouring pad to scrub the tools completely. You don’t want to scratch the tools so remember to use only dish scouring pads to clean them, not steel pads. You can also use a stiff scrub brush. Dry the tool with a clean rag getting to all areas even to the handle joists and fasteners. Also clean your hands of the joist compound.

3. Use rust inhibitors on the tools. Get the tools in a well-ventilated area and spray them with the compound. The most probable to rust parts are the small screws and bolts form the tools handles so spray them regularly. Clean the excess compound with a clean rug. When you are don put your tools in a dry storage space.

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