Tips to hang drywall vertically or horizontally

Even if you choose to hang it vertically or horizontally, drywall hanging is a very challenging project to complete. There are different opinions about this project and its easiest way to do it, but for non-professionals or do-it-yourself persons, the best way is vertically. The most important reason why house owners choose the horizontal method is because they will use a smaller amount of mud and they will face fewer joists.

Also, you will need to cut the sheets less than in a vertically project. The best choice depends on you and your needs.

First, you should know that drywall sheets are manufactured in 8 foot length and 4 foot width and also in 12 foot length. Because of the fact that houses are built to have a 8 foot distance from floor to the ceiling, you will fit perfectly one sheet on top of another one and you won’t need to cut them. So, if you have an 8 feet distance from bottom to top and 16 feet from side to side, you will fit perfectly 4 sheets for your project. So, you will have to cover with mud only a bevel joint of 16 feet and one butt joint of 8 feet. If you choose to complete the project using the vertical method, you will have to cover the same distance because you will have three bevel joists with 8 feet distance.

Thinking about the example presented in the lines before, you will not find any advantage for hanging the drywall horizontally. It is recommended, especially for beginners to use the vertical method because butt joints will be a bigger problem instead of bevel joints. You will require more attention and time to complete mudding butt joints but, on the other hand you will find it easier when you will need to fix the drywall with screws. For vertical hanging, you will need a step tool to reach the top corners of the sheets.

So, if you need to complete such a project, you will need advice from professionals or persons who did it before, but you will face different opinions. Thinking about others experience and your needs you will decide what method is best for you, but it is recommended especially for beginners to try the vertical method.

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