Learn to carve designs into solid oak corbels

Both the corners of the exterior and interior of a home are accentuated by the oak corbels. Plain oak corbels can be bought from any home improvement store. After that it is up to you to decide what designs you want to carve into them.

It isn’t so easy to carve into oak regarding the fact that it is a very hard wood. If you want to learn more about carving shapes into oak corbels then read the article below.

Never choose a design that is complicated to make. Go for simple models that fell easy to shape because in such a hard wood, little details are impossible to be carved.

Never start carving directly on the main piece of oak corbel. First, practice on a piece of scrap oak to know that you can make it. Also this way you can make an estimate of the time it will take you to finish the project. Also this will help you accommodate with the oak and what materials work better on it.

To be the most productive you should have a template. You should draw the design on a piece of paper and then copy it on a piece of carbon paper. You will need the carbon paper to wrap it over the oak corbel in order to follow the template. Now start carving the design on the piece of oak corbel.

Solid oak corbels are more easily shaped using sharper tools. It is very important that the tools you use are new because it will make it easier to cut the oak.

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