Sealing up a doorway Part 2

A doorway sealing process can consist of some several phases that will be presented in the article below.

So, you will start by preparing the pre-mixed mortar. Cool water is the best solution for your mix.

You will need to assure a good consistency for you the mix if you want it at a high standard. It should be not too thick or thin and you can verify that on a side of a glass block to see if it is sticking.

Now, you will start by adding the first row of blocks which will be fixed on a sill that is already installed. You will need to cover the sill completely before you start adding the row of blocks. Make sure that you place only a block at a time into the mortar and also, make sure that you keep the alignment straight. Proceed with the next blocks using the same method and check the alignment after every piece if you want your project to be perfect. You will need to add some spacers between each block and also mortar. Make sure that you apply enough quantity of mortar if you want wall to be stable. It is very important to wipe the extra mortar before it will dry.

Then, you will continue the process into the same way for all blocks and rows. You will need to apply mortar on every row for a good stability of the wall. Also, you will wipe the extra mortar for every row until it can dry. Also, check the alignment after every piece you add.

Let the pieces set for one hour and use the sponge into this time to wipe the excess. A striking tool will be used if something is wrong and you want to repair. Silicone caulk will be used to seal corners and sides. Mildew will be kept away using a sealer.

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