Learn to fix a broken ceiling track

The metal ceiling track often gets broken if you have a drop ceiling, so you will need to repair it.  The track that also supports the ceilings tiles along its L shaped track is attached with small guide wires. Sometimes because of the added pressure on the tile, the ceiling track gets damaged, or because something from below bumps into it.

Follow the steps below for proper repairing of the ceiling track.

  1. Fix the track’s position using a small hammer or a rubber mallet. Set a small straight edge along the back part of the ceiling track and tap it with the hammer on the other side. Don’t stop tapping the track until it can handle the ceiling tiles and is also straight.
  2. Attach a piece of sheet of metal to each side of the brake if the ceiling track is broken. Use tin snips to cut the piece into the proper size and then use rivets to attach it to the tracks.
  3. Drill through the sheet metal and ceiling track to make some tiny pilot holes to place the rivets with the rivet gun.
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