What is the scratch coat?

If you ever saw a building construction from the beginning you know how it all starts with a skeleton structure. Actually this is the easy part that doesn’t take much time. What is really time-consuming is the finished product from the scratch coat to the finishing coat.

Scratch Coat

The first structure that stays on the wall of a building is the scratch coat. Because of the wavy scratches or groves on the plaster coat, the following coat can bond easier with the previous.

Brown Coat

The brown coat that offers the building a rough finish actually stays on top of the scratch coat and is made of plaster as well.

The Finish Coat

The final and best looking coat which gives the wall that attractive, still resistant covering, is the finish coat. The way the plaster sticks to the wall depends entirely on how the scratch coat has been applied.  If it was applied good there will be no cracks in the plaster. Smooth still resistant the finish coat will offer protection against all kinds of weather.

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