Learn to handle metal studs

Many areas are starting to accept the use of metal stud work for interior walls, soffits and framing. Still there are some tricks you need to keep in mind when you work with metal studs and they are listed below.

The reason why metal studs are used in so many applications is because they are easy to work with and are very lightweight.

You can easily create a false ceiling by hanging metal studs from it or if you want to hang heating and cooling air ducts you can also use metal studs.
The metal studs connected with a ladder framework are a lot easier to work with. Connect the studs together with tapping screws and lift them. The framework is a lot more stable and stronger because of this type of construction.

The nice thing about using metal studs is that they do not require cutting if they are too long. You can easily bend them and connect them to other surfaces by attaching the ends together. Use a pair of tin snips to cut the sides of the metal stud being able to bend the stud in whatever angle you want.

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