Installation steps for metal corner beads

After the installation of a wall in a home usually you want to cover it with corner beads. There are different features that differentiate corner beads like the material they are made of. It can be a metal bead that is strong or plastic beads that are not so strong and are actually known to brake pretty easy.

Still the most used option is metal beads.
You can install metal corner beads yourself if you follow the proper steps. The corner beads can really improve the resistance of a vulnerable part of a construction that can tear easier. Think about the corners in your home that you always hit with different things by accident.

First calculate what size should the beads you want to install be based on the size of the corners. The beads should be large enough to cover the full surface of the corner. Using more pieces glued together will create an ugly look. So if you care about the appearance of your house you should care about this.

If the beads you buy need to be cut to be the proper size, use a round saw or tin snips for this. Measure the size that needs to be cut with measuring tape. Assure that the beads used are not bent.

The final step is to place the beads on the wanted corners. Install the beads using drywall screws. Countersink them to the edges of the bead using screws that are 1 and ½ inches long. Check the screws with a mud knife to see if they need to be fastened any more. You should, if you hear a clicking sound.

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