Learn to anchor a partition wall parallel to joists

The partition wall is normally used to divide a big room. Doing some plans and achieving the right tools and materials will make the job very easy.

Find the proper location for the partition wall and measure the distance the wall will spread on.

Remove the drywall that stays in the path of the wall with a utility knife and also reveal the joists on both sides. You will need to place 2×4 blocks at a distance of 18 inches one from another after you measure the length between the joists.

Secure the blocks between the joists every 18 inches by toe nailing them in with screws and then with one screw through the joists into the blocks. In the end the bottom of the blocks should be flush with the bottom of the joists.

Mark the length of the partition wall with a chalk line.  Sustain the first block and align it on the chalk line. Attach it with the blocks installed earlier with wood screws. Don’t stop until you reach the end of the partition wall.

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