Learn to build a fire rated wall

There are two types of fire rated walls. The first and most impressive is the fire wall that provides protection against fire spreading and also offers structural support. Actually it is so big that is stands below the floor line and above the roofline.

The second type, the fire barrier wall or fire partition does not offer structural support, only protection against fire spreading.

It is possible to establish a fire rating based on the materials used to build the wall and the surface they cover. The fire rating is actually the measured time the wall can handle a burning fire without allowing it to spread. The recommended thickness of the layers between areas of the structure can be found in codes that determine such things.

The material that is the most used in fire wall construction is concrete cinderblock. This is the one that adds both structural support to the building and protects it from fire. The fire partition type is made out of layers of gypsum board or sheetrock. You will also need to add fire stop assemblies to the pipes that run through the wall. Also all the windows and doors that are located on the fire wall will be fire rated.

Find out what is the code that applies to your area from the local fire inspector. Of course there will be a difference between support adding fire walls and fire partitions.

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