Learn to construct a metal stud wall - part 4

This is the final part that explains how to finish the installation of the stud wall.

1. The first thing to do is to install the header for the door.

Measure the height of the door and mark it with measuring tape. Now measure the opening of the rough cut for the door. Add 6” to that measurement. Now measure 3″ in from each end and mark. Install the track at the doors height using screws placed into the stub. Secure the other side of the track as well. All tracks have to be level so check them always. Now all that remains is to install the door when you are finished.

2. Now that all studs and tracks are in place, recheck each one of them. They have to be level and firmly secured without leaning or being out of plumb. Recheck the floor and ceiling tracks as well. Push the studs with your hands and see if they can be moved. Maybe you forgot to secure one of them. Use the level and make sure all track and studs are level. Fix any mistake you could have made.

3. All this rechecking is needed to make sure that you can safely apply the drywall. Regarding the amount of drywall you need to purchase, you already have all the measurements needed so use them. All that remains is to attach the drywall to the partition wall and to install the door and the hardware.

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