Learn to straighten a bent wall stud

It is difficult to proceed in a project area if you have a bowed wall stud because its surface is uneven. You can’t properly put up a drywall over a bowed wall stud because there will be space remaining between the two of them.

  1. Identify the studs that are bowed.
    After that take a saw and use it to make a cut about halfway through the bent portion at a 45-degree angle. Only cut this portion, not the entire one because then you will need to replace it entirely.
  2. Take apart that portion you just cut in order to straighten it up. Because of the partial cut you will be able to manipulate the wood. You will have to keep the stud in place after you straighten the stud. For this you can put some wood shims in the gap of the cut.
  3. After you finish all the steps mentioned above strengthen the portion you just repaired by placing a piece of wood over the cut portion and nailing it into place. After this the wall stud will stay in position and will be prevented from shifting.
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