A description of the fire-rated wall

There are proper regulatory agencies that check and certify specific fire protection systems for buildings. These systems include fire-rated walls. The two main types of fire rated walls are true firewalls and fire barrier walls.

The difference between the two walls is that the true firewall has also structural stability. It also offers protection against fire spreading from one room to another. The other type provides fire protection but it doesn’t have structural stability.

The true fire-rated wall not only separates two rooms but also extends through the roof and through the floor too. This type of construction helps to prevent the fire from spreading to others room in case it starts in one of them.

Also called a fire partition the fire barrier wall indeed stops the fire from spreading into the building but, on the other side it does not offer structural support and especially does not extend through the roof and floor. Given the materials used for building that have a specific firewall certification; a structure admits fire partitions in it. Constructions like subdivided structures need fire-rated walls obligatory in order to meet coding requirements.

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