Learn to construct a metal stud wall - part 2

1. Mark the place where you want the wall to be using tape measure. Between one edge and the other draw a line with the chalk line to mark the location of the bottom track.

The same measurements apply for the roof. Make sure the line you drew won’t fade away. Also mark the measurements of the door openings on the chalk line both on the floor and on the bottom of the room. Find the center of the room by marking the half distance between the sides of the ceiling. Mark every 16 inches starting from the center in both directions. Do this for the floor also. Make sure the marks are exactly one under another.

2. Now you have all the measurements necessary to measure the bottom track without the opening of the door. After doing the measurements cut the bottom track with the aviation snips. The same procedure applies to the top track. Place the pieces of floor track on the chalk line and fasten it to the floor using 2 /12 inch” wood screws.

3. Secure the top track to the ceiling. Assure that the bottom track and top track are right on top of each other.

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