Instructions for making a downspout diverter

A very good option for those who enjoy green living is to purchase an accessory which will help you to divert the water into a barrel or saving it for other purposes. This accessory is called downspout diverter and it can be expensive if you choose to buy it. If you can’t afford it, you can make it yourself using the advice below.

First, you will have to lay out two pieces which must be the same length. Measure and cut in semi-circle the pieces which will replace them. Make sure that the length is equal with the pieces replaced and using the welder, fix them together. You formed a “V” pipe. Form a layer of pipe by taking more layers and fit it with your old pipe. Glue the pieces together and make sure that they are joined well before installing them.

You will need to have other pieces added to them if you want to carry the water to the drainage system or divert it into a barrel. Make sure that these pieces are long enough and then you can fix them with pipe joints. Now, you need to install the diverter by fitting it into the pieces of pipe that you chose. Use a welding tool to seal the diverter into place and add joints screwed into the wall along the length of the pipe.

Now, you can test if the diverter is carrying the water to the drainage system and your barrel. If the distribution in not 50%, you can change the position of the diverter until you obtain that.

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