The difference between steel gutters and copper gutters

Aluminum and steel are the most used materials for gutters these days. There is another metal used, which is copper. Even though it can reduce to an appearance issue, choosing the correct gutter also helps at maintaining your house safe.

Having the proper gutter system installed ensures a safe foundation and protected topsoil and also keeps your house walls clean.

The price for steel gutters is somewhere in the middle being just a little over aluminum, still it is known that steel handles more than aluminum so it lasts longer. If you have a house surrounded by trees and there is the risk of one falling over the gutters, steel is the best choice. Still the rusting problem can’t be solved, not even with galvanized steel, so a replacement will be needed every 5 to 10 years.

On the other side of the price spectrum there is copper which is almost 8 times more expensive than vinyl gutters. Even though it used to be used for restorations, copper is becoming more and more popular. There are 3 big advantages for copper gutters: they do not rust, they offer a great appearance to the house and they last forever. There is still the possibility that because the value of copper is so great, thieves may be tempted to steal the gutters from your home.

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