Instructions for installing rain gutters

If you are one of the many people who want to know how to install rain gutters, read the article below. Old rain gutters must be replaced if you need to repair them after every rain fall, so in this way you will prevent your house from suffering water damages. Rain gutters can be a very useful accessory to your house but they can be also a part of the design.

Remember that gutters require a lot of tools into the process of installation and you will need an assistant if you want to work efficiently.

You will have to start by making a plan and marking the places where the gutters will be attached. You will need to think about the slope of the gutter which must should be ½ inch for every 10 feet of gutter and also you will need to mark the places of the brackets which should be placed to a distance of approximately 16 to 24 inches. Also, mark the place where the downspout will be placed. Then, install the fascia to the wall of your house and drill a hole of 2 inches deep and press the fascia. You will need to fix the fascia using screws.

Now, you will to cut the gutters to the precise size that you measured and you can do that easier by using a machine instead of a hacksaw. Also, cut the hole where the downspout will join the gutter. Now, you can attach the brackets which should be placed about 6 inches away from the end of the gutter and then to a 20 inches distance between them. You will need help when you will attach the gutter to the fascia and after you’ve done that, test the gutter by putting a little bit of water on the roof to see if the gutter collects it properly.

Now, you can attach the downspout to the wall by pressing it and strapping the aluminum straps on it. Screw the straps tightly on the wall and you finished. Now you can test if your system if working properly.

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