Learn to replace the filters for central heating outtake

In order for the heating system to work properly you will need to replace the air filter at every few months. In times when the heater functions daily, the filter can get really piled up with lots of debris and dust causing the air flow to diminish more and more. If you replace the filter in time, you heating system will function efficiently without any heat loss.

1. Disable the circuit breakers to stop the power source that controls the heating unit.

2. Go to the air duct that transfers air from the house to the air conditioner and locate the filter cover. Remove the cover.

3. Pull the filter out of place and install the replacement. Make sure you are installing it correctly. Put back the filter cover securely.

4. Restore the power source of the heating unit by turning on the circuit breaker. You should replace the filter every two to three months.

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