Instructions for fixing dents and cracks in wooden corbels

The general aspect of a wooden piece can be improved if the dents and cracks are hidden. For wooden corbels, these issues can be fixed using wood putty or wood filler which can hide the imperfections and make the woodwork look better.

First, you will need to remove all debris that is located inside the dents and cracks.

You will need to be careful with wood splinters which can cause you injuries to the skin. You will need to sand the surface before you will apply the wood sealer which will improve the general aspect of the wood and also hide the repairs.

You need to know that there are two options to choose from: wood filler and putty. The first one is a compound that hardens and cures quickly. It is recommended to use when you deal with larger cracks and deep holes because it is tougher and harder than putty. On the other hand, this material can’t be smoothed.

The other material, putty, is a compound that will cure slowly than wood filler. It will need a day or two for this and it can be smoothed using a putty knife. This material will be used for small cracks or dents or if you want to cover nails and screws. You will need to choose a color that suits best with the wooden corbels and you can’t find the right one, it is recommended to mix two colors.

So, you will fill the small cracks using a putty knife. Make sure that you allow the putty to fill the entire surface and use the knife for dents to create the precise contour of the corbel surface. Remember that you don’t have to hurry if you want your work to be well done, so you will need to take care with small surfaces which can be smoothed using your finger. Also, it is very important to allow material enough time to dry.

Larger holes will be filled with wood filler. You will need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure that you don’t make the mix pourable if you want it to stick well into the cracks. The compound will be applied using a putty knife which will also be used for the shape. You will need to let it dry over the night and you wills sand it for level. Then, you will apply putty if you want to smooth the surface.

You will need to use fine grit for a good sanding if you want paint and stain to adhere easily. If you use stain, make sure that the color of the putty suits with the color of the wood. You will need to apply it and allow it to dry. If you need to darken the color, you will need to apply a second coat. If you use paint, you will need to prime the wood with a quality primer which will be sanded after drying. The finishing coat will be applied and let overnight to dry.

The best sealing results will be provided by polyurethane sealer which will be applied using a paintbrush. The sealer must be applied evenly and let to dry.

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