The construction of a soundproof partition wall - part 1

Instead of building a simple partition wall you can easily build a soundproof partition wall to make sure it will completely eliminate all noises coming from the exterior of the wall. The installation steps are represented in this 3 part article. Follow them safely and you will succeed in building your own soundproof partition wall.

1. The first thing to do is to locate where you want the wall to be placed. It is better to choose an area where the partition will be tied into a stud into an adjacent wall. The stud in the adjacent wall will offer more stability for the newly installed partition wall.

2. Measure the length of the partition wall you want to install and cut a piece of 2×6 lumbers at exactly the same length. Using this piece of lumber create the outline of the wall on the floor with a pencil. Next measure the height of the partition wall and cut 2 pieces of lumber at the exact height but minus 3 inches. Now create the outline on the wall using this piece of wood place against the wall.

3. Take the piece of lumber you used to outline the bottom plate and nail it into the floor creating the bottom plate.

4. Now take the other piece of lumber you cut to secure it on the adjacent wall. But make sure it is level before nailing it into place.

5. Replicate the bottom plate 2 times and have an assistant help you fixing these plates on the ceiling making sure they are level and straight. Nail one of the plates into the rafter joists of the ceiling.

6. Place another plate under the top pal and nail it into place.

7. Cut another piece of 2×6-inch lumber exactly the same height between the bottom plate and the top plate to attach it at the edge of the partition frame you just created.

8. Mark every 16 inches along the bottom plate because there is where the studs will go. Then install one stud at one edge of the frame and another one at the other edge. Continue installing 2×4-inch studs on the entire length of the partition wall.

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