Natural soundproof

The acoustic barrier seems to be the best solution for a house where noise is always present. This accessory is designed to reduce the noise created in a room and stops its travel to other areas. Following some easy steps, this project will be fun and quickly done.

First, you need to determine the precise location for your barrier. There are many reasons to create a barrier especially if you have kids and you work at home. So, you will need to make some measurement and find out the lengths and height for your barrier. You will need to note all results on a paper and make a plan of action.

Now, you will start to create a panel alongside the wall. You will probably need to remove the sheet rock from the wall and use the space between framing for your barrier layer. Another good option is to remove the entire sheet rock if you want your room to remain at the same size. Be careful to remind about the sheet rock screws. Now, you will need to fill the panels with a layer of insulation which must be made from a sound absorbent material. This material will assure you a good soundproofing.

After you finished that, you will simply cover the insulation with a new layer of sheet rock. You can use some old pieces of sheet rock but is recommended to use the same generation of materials for new projects. Make sure that you fixed the sheet rock in place well using screws. Now, you will need to tape the sheet rock and add putty over joints and screws to assure a fine smoothing for your walls. Also, you will need to sand down the walls for a flat and good looking surface. Then, you will need to prime the walls using a wall primer which will soak into the new sheets. You will need to let it dry for at least 24 hours before you will apply the paint.

As a quick solution for your problem you can use fabric panels which will simply be fixed on the walls with screws and nails or acoustical foam which is used especially for music studios.

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