Blinds for Shower Window

There aren’t many things that you can modify inside a bathroom to enhance its appearance. Still, you have the bathroom window which you can cover with a blind. A window in the bathroom is good because it provides natural light but the biggest problem is privacy.

Some often choices as window treatments are the shower drapes or wooden blinds. But this won’t last in a bathroom. This is why you need to go through all the choices first before making a final decision.  This article hopefully will help you in this decision.

First condition for bathroom blinds is to be waterproof. This is because the atmosphere inside the bathroom is almost always humid and moist. The next condition is that they provide the privacy you need. You can choose blackout blinds as well.

As the best option for a bathroom window there is the vinyl blind. The types are many and you can get them horizontal and vertical as well. If you want to stop all the light from entering the room then you need blackout blinds. Another good option are the aluminum venetian blinds and mainly because they resist humidity very well. Venetian blinds are horizontal blinds and their slats can be controlled with a string. You have the option of letting some light in but still keeping privacy.

Wooden blinds normally would be a disastrous choice for a bathroom, but if the wood is treated against humidity then you can go for it. Another closer choice to wooden blinds is the faux wood blinds. They are not made of wood but PVC.

Summarizing all the information, you will need waterproof blinds, most likely horizontal blinds, because of the better privacy they provide. If you like interior design, you can match the blinds with the rest of the décor. All you need to do is check your options and make a decision.

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