How to clean blinds the most efficient way

Blinds are installed to keep the sun light out and to improve the look of a room. In time, dust and other debris will accumulate on the surface of the blinds and will affect their appearance. This is why you need to perform regular cleaning of the blinds.

This job is not difficult as many tend to think, so you just need to follow these examples.

You will have to take into consideration some factors before starting to clean the blinds. One of these factors is the blind material. There are many materials used in building blinds such as plastic, fabric, metal or wood. This last one for example is sensible to water therefore you should not soak them into water like you do with plastic ones.

So, when dealing with wooden blinds the only cleaning that you should take care of is dusting. There are times when the wood is stain-finished in which case you are allowed to use lemon oil or such to clean the surface.

When dealing with aluminum blinds, the main care you should have is how you handle them, because they will instantly develop bends. You can use a mild detergent mixture to spray the slats and then clean them with a cloth. If you have to soak them in water because they are too dirty, never use hot water. Just pour some detergent into some warm water. When you are done cleaning them, rinse them with clean water and leave them to dry.

Another way of cleaning aluminum or even PVC and vinyl blinds is to remove them and clean them outside. This can be done with a hose or by placing them on a rug and wiping the slats with a brush and detergent.

Fabric blinds are the ones that need to be vacuumed or mostly cleaned with a damp sponge when there are stains on.

These were some examples of how to clean certain types of blinds. The most important thing is to keep doing this regularly and always read the manufacturer’s instructions about the restrictions the material of  the blinds have.

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