Instruction about installing blinds


There are some differences when installing different types of blinds. First of all you should know that blinds are divided into more categories such as solid window blinds and slat blinds or mini blinds which are easier to install. The difference between the two is that the solid blinds have only one piece of material that can be folded or rolled and it is made of strings while the slat blinds have slats.

There are also other common types such as the faux wood window blinds, roll up window blinds and roman blinds.

The installation procedure also varies between inside mount blinds and outside mount blinds. We will explain the installation of inside mount blinds. The utensils needed are a pen, a screwdriver and a measuring tape.

First you need to make the holes in which you will insert the screws that hold the brackets. For this, place the brackets on the frame and mark the holes of the screws with the pen. After that remove the brackets and drill holes inside those marks you just made.

Now attach the brackets to the window with the screws and a screwdriver. Fasten the head rail to the bracket and then lock the head rail and the valance that hide it. You have finished installing the blinds.

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