Learn to decorate window blinds

The reason you would want to hide or decorate window blinds is because they can be ugly. They are necessary in a man’s home, but they don’t necessary offer any decorative qualities.

One way to embellish irreplaceable blinds is by using ribbon.

Using ribbons over the blinds will transform them into chic decorative objects. When you decide to apply the ribbons don’t forget to clean the blinds first. You can apply the ribbon on the margins but also down the blind’s length.

If the windows don’t have curtains the house may be less attractive to buyers or lenders. Therefore you could cover the blinds with curtains. There are special blinds that allow light to pass through them while still covering the blind. The curtains won’t control the light, but the blinds will, therefore you get the nest of two things. If the top of the blind looks ugly when it is raised you can cover it with a valance.

Another way to enhance the look of the blinds is by showing an image on vertical blinds. Glue vertical stripes on the picture over the slats of the blind and when the blind is closed the image will be revealed. You can use different images on the two sides of the slats.

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