Learn to replace the roller ratchet on a window blind

Roll-up blinds can be lowered or raised at wish. This can be done using a metal chain. But this chain can easily break, or even get stuck in the ratchet.

The good thing is that you can replace the ratchet yourself if you notice it got cracked or damaged.

1. First of all get access to the blind roller. Notice the small wheel opposing the chain, and turn it counterclockwise.

2. Now you can remove the blind roller from its brackets together with the blinds rolled. Remove the ratchet’s chain.

3. Remove the ratchet from the side of the roller. Force it with a flathead screwdriver if you encounter any problem removing it.

4. Take the new ratchet and remove its cover. This is usually held by a screw in the center of the ratchet.

5. Before placing the cover back on you have to insert the ring on the side of the ratchet. Cover the ratchet back and place it in the roller where the old ratchet was.

6. Install the roller back at its place and rotate the little wheel clockwise to secure the roller in the brackets.

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