Learn to suspend blinds on the inside of window frames

The difference from hanging the window blinds on the outside of the frame and not on the inside is that when installed on the outside, the blinds cover the entire window frame, not only the glass. Usually, window blinds are installed on the inside.


First you need to determine where to install the brackets. They normally rest around 1 to 3 inches apart from the top front of the inside of the window frame. The best solution is to mark those spots with a pencil.

2. While measuring the length between the sides of the frame on the inside, mark the middle point on this length because this is where you have to install the middle anchor bracket.

3. Now, position one bracket with the top at the same level with the inside top of the window frame and with the front at the same level with the market spot. Next, drill inside the holes in the brackets to insert the screws. Do the same thing on the other side.

4. Remember you marked a spot at the middle of the inside frame. Use that spot to position the middle anchor and install it.

5. Now place the blinds inside the brackets until they snap. Cover the brackets with the covers that came in the blind kit to prevent the blind from falling.

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