Window blinds trouble

There are always problems with products these days. There is no such thing as the perfect product. Thus, window blinds are a great way to keep sun light out of the house, but they often provide you with a lot of trouble.

An often statement from window blinds owners is that they don’t keep the light 100% out. And in most cases, this is due to the small holes that the blind has on sides to keep the window covering system stable. This may seem unrepresentative, but that small amount of light really troubles when you want complete darkness. The solutions are simple. Search for blinds without those holes or buy a curtain to install it behind the blinds. Still, the blinds without those holes are less strong.

Another problem that can be encountered is the fact that many windows are not equally shaped. This means that they are bigger in one side than in the other. This makes it really difficult to find a proper blind that will fit perfectly. The only solution is to make them customized.

It is recommended that you choose blinds in a light color rather than dark colored because they become sensitive to sun light that bleaches them over time.

If you have children running around the house all day it is very important to keep the blinds safe by shortening the blind cords or by attaching brackets to walls to hold the surplus cord length.

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