Blinds for skylight windows

Skylights are useful to illuminate an attic or a top floor. With a skylight you get the benefit of natural light entering directly in the room. But there is still the need to install blinds over the skylight.

You can get skylight blinds in materials such as plastic, wood, metal and others. The necessity of blinds for skylights is explained by the unbearable heat that enters in the summer. By installing the proper blinds you will also make the skylight look better. The thing is, when dealing with skylight blinds things are not the same as with normal windows. It is harder to find the proper materials. You can also get customized window blinds.

When installing skylight blinds you have to consider the differences between a normal window blind and a skylight window blind. The solution consists of an opening sash with controlled movement. The controlling of the blinds can be manual or motorized.

Now we will talk about the different types of skylight blinds, depending on their functions and materials.

Roll Up Blinds

The first and also cheapest type of blinds is roll up blinds. The mechanism that keeps the blind stuck to the window is the easy spring loaded barrel. If you want the installation to be as good as possible install the blinds with nails or clips.

Awning Blinds

Unlike other types of skylight, awning blinds extend outside the window and allow some light in while still protecting the room from the sun. For attics these are the best blinds, especially if they are in a dark color or even black.

Pleated Blinds

The blind is formed by pieces of fabric that fold into pleats. You can control the level of the blind using strings and wires. The problem with this type of blind is that the materials used are usually not very durable.

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