Learn to install blinds to an arch window

Having arched windows is very nice. They are a very beautiful architectural piece and they enhance the look of the house. Still, if you want to install blinds, you may have a hard time.

This is because of the arched windows shape. The best choice would be to install the blinds on the inside.

1. Locate the spot where the arch starts and hang the blind’s rail crosswise to this place. The most important part of the blind will rise under the rail while the arch will rise above the rail.

2. Place the brackets on the inside of the window to mark the brackets holes with a marker.

3. Make holes inside the frame through the marked holes. Drill into the window frame through your pencil marks. Insert a wall anchor inside the hole to protect the drywall.

4. Place the screws inside the wall brackets and screw them inside the window frame. This will keep the bracket secure.

5. Connect the rail with the bracket and close the covers.

6. Place the arch above the bracket and connect it to the rail with the clips it has.

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