Using vinegar to clean window blinds

Sometimes you may have a very hard time cleaning your window blinds. A regular dusting may not be good enough. When you encounter such a problem, you should consider using vinegar.

Vinegar has a lot of cleaning benefits such as removing dirt, killing germs. It is also safe to use on any material. You won’t even have to put up very much because the vinegar acts very fast.

1. First fill the bathtub with some warm water. Then, take off the blinds and sink them inside the bathtub. Pour more water if necessary.

2. Next, pour vinegar in the water and mix it.

3. A gallon of vinegar should be enough. Wait an hour and then go check on the blinds. You will see that the vinegar removed most of the dirt. Use a washcloth to remove harder debris.

4. When you finish, empty the bathtub and wash the blinds with clean water.

5. You’re blinds are now clean and ready to use.

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