Information on wood blinds

Wood blinds add an aesthetic appeal to the room where they are installed. They are available in many styles and this makes them both vintage and modern in any house.

The slats that form the blinds or shutter may or may not be adjustable to control light.

They can be installed inside the window casing or on the outside. The slats can be adjusted using cords that when pulled they open or close the slats. We can find this in thin mini-blinds or Venetian blinds with wide slats. You can also add curtains in addition to wood blinds.

Wooden blinds can be vertical or horizontal. Vertical blinds have slats that open and close towards the center or towards only one part. Horizontal blinds have slats that move up and down.

It is very important that from time to time you clean the slats in wooden blinds. You can remove the dust with a brush attached to a vacuum cleaner.  If the manufacturer allows it you can wash the blinds with soap and water.

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