Cleaning wood blinds

Wood blinds are a good choice if you want the room to look very stylish. They are very efficient with blocking the light also. With time the blinds tend to get dirty so it is necessary to perform a regular cleaning.

But unlike other materials, wood is more sensible so you will need to be careful when you clean it. But if you clean them every month you won’t need special adjustments to the blinds.

1. First step is to close the blinds.

2. Use a vacuum with a brush attachment to clean the blinds one by one. The best way is to start from the top.

3. Turn the blinds in the opposite direction and clean them on this side too.

4. Now, to dust them, use water or wood polish. Soak a cloth in the chosen solution but just a little bit and apply it on the blinds. This is not recommended for unfinished blinds.

5. Clean the blinds on both sides one by one and from time to time turn the cloth on the other side to keep it clean.

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