Types of window coverings

Adding window coverings to your décor is an important aspect. They immediately enhance the image of the room. This is why it is important to choose a window cover that matches the rest of the décor.

Besides improving the image of the room, window coverings also block harmful ultraviolet from entering the house and ruining the furniture and floors. Also you can control how much light you have in the room.

When choosing your window coverings you have to take some factors into consideration, such as the price or the size. There are a lot of types to choose from. Depends on how much light you want in or the effect you want them to create.

Because of the large variety of curtains available you can really mix them up to create a lot of window coverings. For example, the tie back curtain, which as its name suggests consists of two sheets of fabric tied back with tie backs at the sides. This curtain is suspended by a curtain rod. The thing you can mix here is the tie back and especially its fabric. Besides the same fabric as the curtain, the tie back can be a colorful ribbon, laces, tassels and more. If you have the budget to decorate the curtains with valances, you should. They will ornate the windows and make them look stunning. If you want something more solid, you can try the drapes, or the bamboo curtains.

Another option, but one that is more fashionable, is window blinds and shades. They are very varied thus it is very easy to match them with the décor. You can choose between horizontal blinds or vertical blinds. It’s up to you to choose a color that fits the rest of the room, as well as if you want narrow slats or broad slats. If you choose wood as the blind material then it means you are looking for a more traditional look. You should, though avoid corporate vertical blinds because they don’t cheer the atmosphere at all.

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