Learn to attach blinds to a sliding window

There are many types of windows, each with its own special features. You can install blinds on any of these windows, but the effort is not always the same. When installing blinds on a sliding window it’s better to do it on the outside.

1. Choose a side of the window frame and measure one inch away from it. Then measure one inch above it. Spot these places because later you will have to install the brackets here.

2. Now drill inside the market spots to make room for a screw. Don’t drill the entire length of the screw.

3. Place the brackets in position over the holes and insert the screws that are supposed to hold the bracket. Mount the screws.

4. Now drill the rest of the length of the screw. Make sure you install the screw while keeping it with the head outside the bracket.

5. Now take the blinds and try to mount them in the brackets. Connect the brackets with the head rail. You should hear a click at some point.  When you hear the click you inserted the head rail correctly.

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