Window blind types

The purpose of having blinds installed over the windows is to control the amount of light that gets inside the room. Besides this, you can make blinds a decorative item in your house, knowing that there are so many colors and materials available.

One main type of blinds is the horizontal blinds.

As the name suggest, the slats are layered horizontally. This category includes venetian blinds. These can be found in metal, vinyl or wood. You can close the blinds completely or you can turn them so that a little light enters. The normal direction of raising the blinds is from bottom to top. But there is the case of cellular blinds and others that can lower from top to bottom. The difference is that you keep the lower side closed therefore keeping your privacy while allowing some light to enter through the top.

The opposite type of blinds is the vertical blinds. This means the slats are layered vertically. You can close an open these blinds also. The most used material for this type of blinds is vinyl.

There is another type of blinds called roller and roman blinds. They are somehow horizontal blinds because of the direction they open. You can roll the blinds up on a roller, this is the mechanism. You can have them at any level you want by shifting a chain clutch.

The blinds don’t only come in regular shapes, because windows also don’t come in regular shapes. You can order custom blinds for any shaped window. Good examples are the arched windows or sliding glass doors. Also blinds can come with a remote control and motor.

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