Building roman blinds

Decorating windows with roman blinds is a great way to bring style into a room. You can make roman blinds yourself and you won’t even have to spend very much. The instructions for building roman blinds are explained below.

You will need the fabric, which luckily can be whatever type you want. The most inexpensive way of building roman blinds is by using old mini blinds.

1. First thing to do is calculate the dimensions of the window. You can add up to several blinds if the window is very large, but there is no upper limit. You can actually modify the look of the blinds by altering the distance between them.

2. Lay the mini blinds on the floor and cut the horizontal strings that keep the blinds together. While doing so be careful not to cut the vertical strings too.

3. Now remove whatever blinds you don’t need from the vertical string. Decide what distance you want to have between the blinds to know how many blinds to remove.

4. Now that you know the dimension of the blinds you can cut the fabric according to it. Make sure you use a non creased fabric while leaving space for the hems on the sides.

5. When attaching the fabric, make sure you start from the highest blind using the fabric glue. Make sure you don’t glue the cords too. The correct attachment of the fabric is starting from the front side of the blinds and then going over the back side.

6. When you finish covering all the blinds with fabric use the fabric that you prepared for the hems on the sides. Attach a base bar at the bottom to keep the fabric in one place. This is it.

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